Not too long ago I tried to concoct some sort of a theory that horror wasn’t really much more than a sub-genre of fantasy, but soon found I had rather a flimsy argument. Fantasy, although often shoehorned in with sci-fi, is I think more closely related to horror than it is to sci-fi, but that’s hardly evidence, is it.

There is often a supernatural element to horror stories: ghosts, demons, monsters and other fantastical creatures. Continue reading



Fear in the Night is about the pleasure of watching scary and – in particular – unscary films. A pleasure which began for me some years back. Decades, even – well, about two of them.

These nights of fear were spent watching great films, awful films, and everything in between – whilst generally consuming copious amounts of beer and wine, and from time to time pizza. Although this was not essential.

What was essential was the company:  Continue reading


Why the hell would anyone like horror films?

Is there a stark, banal, horror of existence itself that demands the occasional escape? If so, why into fantastic worlds of more explicit nastiness? To help us feel a little better about our actual circumstances? Maybe.

Or maybe life is just so amazing we feel the need to fuck with it from time to time.

I never really liked horror. Although Continue reading